Poll Results: What are Jackson’s Top 10 Cocktails?

Poll results: What are Jackson’s top 10 cocktails?

By Jacob Threadgill, Clarion Ledger, March 12, 2017

The Jackson area has developed the reputation for where Mississippians need to come if they’re in search of a cocktail beyond the standard. Hundreds of Clarion-Ledger readers submitted and voted on their favorite liquor-based drinks from the area. From the hip Fondren area to downtown and out to the breeze of the Reservoir, the breadth of the metro area’s cocktail scene is displayed in readers’ top 10 selections.

#1  Babarita, Babalu

Babalu has become the most successful Jackson contribution to the national food scene. After opening the Jackson location in 2010, Eat Here Brands has expanded Babalu to Memphis, Birmingham, Knoxville and Charlotte. A second Memphis location is in the works, along with Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Lexington, Kentucky; and Atlanta.

At the heart of the franchise’s success are its locally sourced tapas and cocktails. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the city’s most successful chain also has its most popular cocktail. Babalu kicks up a standard margarita with a splash of pomegranate juice, agave nectar and house-made sweet and sour. Locally sourced fresh fruit gives Babalu drinks a bright flavor that can’t be duplicated with pre-made mixes.

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